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They hide under the bed, lurk in the shadows, and scare us half to death. But is there more to bring a monster than screams and frights? WFUV's Chris Williams sits down with Fordham University Professors Rebecca June and Paul Levinson to talk about medieval monsters, real life monsters, and more.

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Why do we fall in love? Is it science, emotions, or both?Love comes in many forms, but what exactly is it, and why is it so powerful? WFUV's Chris Williams takes a look at love from scientific, literary, and philosophical perspectives while seeking answers about the nature of love and its existence. Guests include Fordham Professors Dr. Jay Wade, Dr. Philip Sicker, and Dr. John Davenport.

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In this edition of Five on Three, Anthony Pucik, Matt Moro and Brendan Bowers discuss the current state of the NHL trade market. They break down the recent Sabres and Jets trade and discuss how injuries to starting goaltender have affected the market for backups. Also, they talk about the Devils, Islanders and Rangers and what those three teams might look for in the market. 

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This week on Fordham Conversations we hear from Matthew Maguire, the director of the Fordham Theater Program

He talks about the notable history of the program and Denzel Washington's past with theater at Fordham University. 

But first, we talk to actor and director Kenny Leon. He was the Fordham University Denzel Washington Endowed Chair for Theater in 2014. 

Music Used:

Empire State of Mind: Alicia Keys/ Jay Z

Something Good Can Work- Two Door Cinema Club

Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars 

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On this week’s Fordham Conversations, Alumni Relations Director Caitlin Tramel discusses the oral history project “Fordham Voices.” We also here from some Fordham Alumni on their college experience and how it helped shape them into the people they are.  You can listen to Fordham Conversations, Saturdays at 7am on 90.7 WFUV.  (Show's Original Broadcast January 16, 2010)

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Body Text: Many converations about America's history reiterates the idea that the progressive north led the opposition to slavery against the racist South.  But in fact, many of the nation’s Ivy League universities had profitable connections to slavery. Dr. Craig Steven Wilder explores the connection between Ivy League schools and the slave trade in his latest book "Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America’s Universities."

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Dr. Olivia Hooker talks about surviving The Tulsa Oklahoma Race Riot of 1921 and becoming the first African-American woman to enlist in the U.S. Coast Guard during World War 2.  We also hear from Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins who proposed and helped pass a legislative resolution in the New York State Senate honoring Dr. Hooker for her achievements and contributions to both the women’s and the civil rights movements. 

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Social Stigma can take on many forms.  It may be an unpleasant remark, a strange look or even the refusal of employment.  On today's Fordham Conversations WFUV's Will Germain try to understand the phenomena of stigma by talking with Tina Maschi. She’s President of the national Organization of Forensic Social Work, and a professor at the Fordham University Graduate School of social service.

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We often think of the afterlife in terms of heaven and hell. But what about the afterlife on earth? WFUV's Chris Williams looks into how some people believe life after death takes place all around us, here on earth. Fordham University Professors Joshua Schapiro and Mary Erler discuss reincarnation and the idea of an earthly Heaven. Anthony Bellov, a volunteer at the Merchant House Museum in downtown Manhattan, talks about how the house's original owners may have never left.

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The 60's original soundtrack Star Treck describes space as the final frontier. But our guest Dr. Kirk Bingaman says there is another frontier we are only beginning to understand: our inner space.

Dr. Kirk Bingaman is the Associate Professor at Fordham University's Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education. He's also the author of the book The Power of Neuroplasticity for Pastoral and Spiritual Care

His research has led him to understand how mindful meditation and prayer can help us manage our negative thoughts and actually change the neurological makeup of our brains!

Songs Featured:

OneRepublic: If I Lose Myself

Pharrell: Happy

Coldplay: A Sky Full Of Stars


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