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On this week's Fordham Conversations we're peeking behind the curtain and looking into the life of theatre. 

We will hear from Fordham's very own Kevin Smith Kirkwood. Kirkwood is currently an actor on the Tony award winning musical "Kinky Boots". He is also the proud co-founder of Fordham University's notorious all-male acapella group: The Fordham Ramblers. He'll share some behind the scenes stories and the inspiration behind his career. 

We also hear from the Acting Director of Fordham's London Dramatic Academy Kathryn Pogson. She'll discuss the program and some unconventional ways to train young theater performers. 

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Michael Nebrich threw for six touchdowns, Chase Edmonds passed the 1,000 yard plateau for the season, nine Rams scored points, and Sam Ajala and Tebucky Jones, Jr. finished near 200 yards receiving in a 60-22 Fordham (6-1) drubbing of Penn (0-4).

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This week we discuss how designs and development can be done in an environmental way-- while still fulfilling our present and future demands.

We have a panel of experts weighing in technologies that promote sustainable energy and eco-friendly designs all around the world. That's the idea behind The Annual Sustainable Energy and Design Conference at The Bronx Community College on Oct 16th and 17th. The panel includes:

  • Aaron Socha (FCRH '01)- Director: Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Mark Cupkovic- Vice President, Security and Operations at the New York Botanical
  • Jonathan Trent- Director of OMEGA Global Initiative
  • Greg Bruce-  Executive Manager, Integrated Sustainability Services Department at Townsville City Council.
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Professor, Author and Shakespearean scholar Mary Bly discusses Shakespeare and Pop Culture.

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There are hundreds of thousand missing persons in the FBI’s database.  For many people, the methods of finding their lost loved ones are as mysterious as their disappearances. On today’s Fordham Conversations we hear from Privacy and Information Consultant Bob Gellman.  He discusses some of the legal and ethical challenges in searching for missing people. Gellman is  a Senior Fellow, Center on Law and Information Policy, Fordham University School of Law 2012-13. WFUV’s Rob Palazzolo also talks to Dr. Arnita Fowler. Her son went missing almost 20 years ago, and due to a lack of resources for locating missing adults and a bureaucratic mess, she didn’t recover his body from Hart Island for 4 years. Fowler has been trying to reform the system for locating missing persons in the New York.

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What can the autobiography of an 18th century ex-slave teach us about self-reliance?  John Bugg talks about the Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano.  Then, Fr. Terrance Klein fleshes out what he means when he says the soul itself is narrative. 

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This week Chris Williams talks to people who, in one way or another, have gone back to college. Cira Vernazza, director of Fordham University's College at 60 program, talks about how the university has special classes designed for people 60 and older. Three of the students in the program (Judy Bowman, Timothy Kiehn, and Peg Smith-Loeb) discuss the benefits of taking college courses after retirement. Then, Taylor Harris talks about moving back to her alma mater and her McSweeney's column "Big Mom on Campus: Raising 2 Kids in a College Dorm." 

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This week, we're talking about comedy with members of Fordham Experimental Theater. Ryan Creamer, Amanda Pell, and Jeff Sharkey tell us what it's like to perform comedy, what makes them laugh, and their different styles. Several FET students produced a comedy show "Do You Get It?" that's currently airing on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

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Often we hear that beauty comes from within, but it turns out the way you look can affect how other people react to you, for better and for worse. Daniel Hamermesh, author of Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful, dissects how attractive people fare better economically. Then, Fordham professors Laura Gonzalez and Yuliya Komarova talk about their research with online social lending and why being more attractive could hurt when it comes to securing a loan. 

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Sexist? Formulaic? Harmless guilty pleasure? What are your assumptions about romance novels? On this week's show we're digging into the stereotypes and critiques of the romance genre. Author Eloisa James weighs in and talks about how the tides are changing for writers and readers in the genre. 

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