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On this week’s Fordham Conversations we look at two holiday traditions, decorations and Christmas cards. First we visit the Garabedian family’s uniquely decorated holiday house, which is near Fordham's Rosehill Campus.   Then a conversation with Professor Kenneth Ames about his book and art exhibit “American Christmas Cards 1900-1960.”  Both examine how Christmas cards are connected to American history and culture.

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Filmmakers Mike Campo and Jeff Azize of Grassroots Films discuss their documentary “The Human Experience.”  The two share what it was like living homeless on the streets of New York City; spending time at a leper colony in Africa; and taking care of abused orphans in South America.  We also hear from Father Vincent DeCola, who discusses the impact the film had during its showing at Fordham’s Lincoln Center.

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Resurgence: Lincoln Center and the Cormorant

Manhattan’s Lincoln Square has come a long way since a major redevelopment plan began in 1996. One of the many partners helping with Lincoln Square‘s growth has been Fordham University. On This week's Fordham Conversations the President of the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District, Monica Blum talks about the evolution of the area. Then WFUV’s Marisa Galdi looks at the resurgence of the double-crested Cormorant, a bird whose population was almost wiped out.

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Strike A Chord Financial Literacy - Shared Interest

As part of WFUV’s Strike a Chord campaign this week’s Fordham Conversations focuses on financial literacy.  Our guests include Donna Katzin, Executive Director of Shared Interest. This non-profit organization raises capital in the U.S. to help small businesses in South Africa. We also talk to Fordham Junior Katy Raymond. Katy will be visiting South Africa as part of Fordham University’s first study abroad program on the African continent. 

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Today we’re hearing some of the past shows that were developed, produced and hosted by WFUV Journalist in-training. First, Fordham Journalist Lauren Naymie talks with NPR Correspondent Lynn Neary. Then, WFUV’s Erin McLaughlin talks with Long Island resident Luis Papa who got to see Egypts revolution firsthand while in Cairo.Finally, Fordham's Taylor Zimmerman interviews Alex Dorskey  a class she took that combines traditional college poetry with popular music.

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This Saturday on Fordham Conversations, Heart attacks leave a mental mark -- but how to treat victims, if they refuse to step foot on a psychiatry ward? Psychologist Rachel Annunziato found a way. Then, a look at heart trauma in the Charles Dickens classic, Great Expectations with English professor Kathleen Urda.

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The Faux-real’s All-Male version of OEDIPUS REX has been called cutting-edge, classic, serious and seriously silly.   Director and Fordham Professor Mark Greenfield, along with actors Steve Johnson, Jason Scott Quinn and Rafael Miguel discuss how they infuse this classic play with humor for a modern audience.

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Three Student's Stories

WFUV's Viridiana Castelan reports on an organization that trains kids reporters.  Then WFUV's Conor Teehan interviews veteran newsman Brian Williams. Finally, Mary Wilson talks with Keith Alan Howey about his master’s thesis on homeless veterans.

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Ecotourism in Curacao

Fordham University Professor Robin Anderson is researching eco-tourism while writing for a travel guidebook. It took her to Curacao where she discovered all about this island's rich and diverse culture.

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Twi Taught in the Bronx

Twi is one of the most widely spoken languages in the West African nation of Ghana.  Beginning this summer Fordham will be the only University in New York City to teach it.  On this week’s Fordham Conversations we learn about the Twi language and Ghana’s cultural influence from Professor Mark Naison, who Chairs Fordham’s department of African and African-American studies and Kojo Ampah, Founder of The African Cultural Exchange student group at Fordham.

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