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Be a fly on the wall at the Rosedale Achievement Center for Girls in the Bronx.  Then, a hapless exercise in menorah-lighting, with visiting professor Jonathan Sanders.  And as part of WFUV’s Strike a Chord campaign, we’ll hear from Joanna Poz-Molesky, who says dance can strengthen communities. 

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In 1948, a group of Catholic college students, black and white, confronted the archbishop of New Orleans and demanded to know why the Catholic schools of their Crescent City couldn't desegregrate.  It took six years for the New Orleans Province of Jesuits to issue a new policy of racial integration.  And it took another ten years after that to effectively desegregate the Catholic schools and churches.  Father Bentley Anderson, SJ tells the story.

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This week on Fordham Conversations: Fordham Professor Chris Toulouse  discusses his book “Whatever Happened to Zachary,” a ghost story based on his son Zander who was fatally killed in a bicycle accident. 

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The post 9/11 GI Bill paved the way for a number of recent veterans to enroll in colleges and universities across the country. However, many of these veterans returning from active duty face unique challenges that aren't typical of your average student. On WFUV’s Fordham Conversations, I'll be talking with Gary Kucinich and Dan Hodd. These two marines and current college students started “Armed Forces at Fordham.” This student group helps fellow veterans make the transition back into college life. But first I’m talking to Fordham’s Associate Vice President for Veterans Affairs, Dr. Michael Gillan about the FordhamVets Initiative.

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Rock, Pop, and the Poetic Tradition

 Professor Scott Levin has taken the traditional college poetry class and added an interesting twist. He’s combining the poetry of writers like William Blake and T.S. Elliot with musicians such as Bob Dylan and Eminem. Levin says he hopes that the Fordham class Rock, Pop, and the Poetic Tradition will lead to other Fordham professors using more pop culture and non-literary texts in the classroom. Scott Levin currently teaches at Louisiana Tech University.

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Saving the News

Dr. Bill Baker explains how the Internet broke newspapers' business model, and why public media broadcasters should be next in line for a government bail-out.

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WFUV's Will Germain talks with veterans Carlos Gonzalez, Ameer Vincent and Dan Hodd about what it's like to join the military serve overseas and then go back to school at Fordham. 

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Today we showcase stories and interviews that WFUV student reporters at Fordham University have produced, including gay homeless teens, safety and bike sharing program, conversation with musician Dion, and discussion with author Ernie Palladino.

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Author and Fordham professor Dan Zevin discusses his comic memoir “Dan gets a Minivan: Life at the Intersection of Due and Dad. In addition, WFUV Reporter Alen Kanlic takes a look at how crowd-funding has changed the video game industry.

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 Losing a loved one under any circumstances is tragic. But for families who lost a loved one on September 11, 2001  in an act of terrorism, the traumatic nature of their loss can become overwhelming,  even after all these years.  Today on Fordham Conversations, Terry Sears, and The Executive Director of “Tuesday’s Children” talks about the organization which provides programs to families who’ve been directly impacted by the events of 9/11.  Also, Kevin Clyne remembers his mom Susan who died in Tower One of the World Trade Center site.  Kevin is a Fordham University Junior, Member of Tuesday’s Children and also a reporter with WFUV-News.

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