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Fordham University was once a stomping ground for U.S. President’s, war heroes and leaders in a number of prestigious fields.

The Jesuit institution, formerly known as St. John's, has a long and storied history. Students faced with fighting each other during the American Civil War. The greenland around Keating Hall (shown above) served as a training ground for students heading off to the western front in WWII. We learn this and more on this week's Fordham Conversations with guest Debra Caruso as she discusses her book Fordham University and the United States: A History.

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On this week’s show, Fordham Professor Maureen Tilley tells us all about Christmas traditions and the stories behind them, some you may know and some you may not. From the horrifying folkloric Krampus to the reason we celebrate on December 25, why we exchange presents, and why Santa lives in the North Pole. Dr. Tilley is a professor of theology and medieval studies. 

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Fordham University professor of Law and Founder and Director of the Fordham Urban Law Center, Nestor Davidson discusses  the legal questions that arise as cities begin to grow.

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This week on Fordham Conversations, Fordham Philosophy professor William Jaworski talks about reconciling the spiritual world with the physical world. He discusses the Aristotelian concept of "hylomorphism" and how's he's adjusted it for the modern world. 

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Arguably the Internet is one of the greatest tools for communication and it gives the user the ability to communicate and connect with others. But there’s also a downside to being that “connected,” especially for kids who may not be aware of how their Internet activity is going to affect them in the future.
Fordham Law Center on Law and Information Policy released a first-ever curriculum for privacy education geared to middle school students.
Fordham Law student volunteers taught the pilot program last spring at PS191 in New York City, and now Fordham Center on Law and Information Policy (CLIP) is launching a partnership with volunteers from about a dozen universities who will teach the program in middle schools across the country.
The Volunteer Privacy Education Program was developed by Fordham CLIP as part of Jordan Kovnot's Privacy Fellowship and under the leadership of Fordham Law School Professor Joel Reidenberg, the founding director of Fordham CLIP. The spring program will be led by Cameron Russell, Fordham CLIP's Executive Director.School’s Center for Law and Information Policy.

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For people who feel like their income can't support their nutrition, food pantries and soup kitchens can shoulder the weight free of charge. That "free" comes at a heavy cost, with some of these pantries and kitchens requiring upwards of millions to operate annually. As part of WFUV’s Strike a Chord campaign, this week's Fordham Conversations looks at the growing need for food pantries and soup kitchens.
At the top of the show, WFUV's Chris Williams spoke with a woman who’s a regular guest at the food pantry St. John's Bread and Life.

Then Robin Shannon talks with Tony Butler and Dr. Dale Lindquist. Butler is the executive director of the St. John's Bread and Life food and public assistance program. He shares what it's like to operate a food pantry on a shoe-string budget. St. John's Bread and Life is one of three food pantries featured in "Our Daily Bread: Feeding the Hungry in New York City." The documentary was developed by Dr. Lindquist, Managing Director of the Beck Institute on Religion and Poverty at the Graduate School of Social Service Fordham University. He speaks on how food pantries can run on divergeant philosophies and yet remain succesful on their own terms.

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You probably never thought the Harlem Shake craze has a deeper spiritual meaning, but Fordham University Theology Professor Thomas Beaudoin says it's a "Spiritual Sleeper," a song with a hidden meaning. This week on Fordham Conversations, Professor Beaudoin talks about other Spiritual Sleepers and the Rock and Theology project. 

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A showcase of some of our best features and interviews.

Host Alen Kanlic showcases some of Fordham Conversations best features and interviews. 

Will Germain talks with military veterans about their experience returning to school after serving overseas.  Mary Wilson reports on Fordham Law students who  kept audio diaries about their fact finding mission in Nepal.  Robin Shannon sat down with Katy Raymond who was part of Fordham University’s first study abroad program in South Africa.  Vivadiana Castelan interviewed kids who are training to be reporters. She also talks with New Yorkers who make careers out of can collecting.

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This week Robin Shannon sits down with Fordham Professor Dr. Emily Rosenbaum and Albert Einstein College of Medicine Assistant Professor Dr. Earle Chambers. The professors collaborated on a study that identifies how public housing may affect the health of Latinos living in the Bronx.

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Today on Fordham Conversations we’ll talk to Daniel Campo, author of The Accidental Playground out now from Fordham University Press. It’s about what happened when Brooklyn residents gathered at the Brooklyn Waterfront, which was then an unofficial, do-it-yourself park. He talks about how the "unpark" was used in the late 90s and early 2000s and how it's changed since state officials got involved. 

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