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On this week’s Fordham Conversation we delve into music and more music.

WFUV's Kacie Candela followed the story of Frank Werner and Travis Pike. The two crossed paths in the 60s to play music, only to have the music they recorded decades ago resurface and pressed on vinyl. 

Then WFUV’s Patrick Russomanno spoke with Fordham Professor Nate Sloan about his podcast “Switched on Pop.”  The podcast examines the making and meaning of popular music.

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Every year, thousands of people trek hundreds of miles from France to Spain as part of the Camino de Santiago.  This pilgrimage to the legendary burial site of St. James is taken by Christians to connect more deeply with their faith. Nonreligious travelers have been known to take the journey for the historic scenery, as a challenging hike, or to meet people from all over the world.

Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with a group from Fordham University that walked the Camino de Santiago.   Dr. Richard Gyug is a Fordham Professor of history and medieval studies who created the course that takes Fordham students on the trip. Dr. David Myers is Professor of History and Chair of the Department. He has taken the five times. Cristina Iannarino is a Bronx native and a recent graduate from Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. She shares details of her journey.  Rachel Podd is a Fordham graduate student and PhD candidate in History. She was a chaperone on three trips.

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A new report looks at how subsidized housing may affect the health of Latinos.

Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon sits down with Fordham Professor Dr. Emily Rosenbaum and Albert Einstein College of Medicine Assistant Professor Dr. Earle Chambers. The professors collaborated on a study that identifies how public housing may affect the health of Latinos living in the Bronx.

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Fordham University has started a clinic that offers legal services to start-ups.  Bernice Grant is the Senior Director of the Entrepreneurial Law Program, and Founding Director of the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic. She sits down with Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon to discuss how the clinic benefits new companies and students entering the field of law.

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Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon discusses the adventures Bronxville resident Renato Frison experienced  on a motorcycle trip from New York City to Brazil. 

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Global Outreach (GO!) is a program at Fordham University that encourages student to travel and experience different cultures through service and immersion. Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with Nemesis Dipre and Bailey Barnett, two Fordham students that participated in the program. Paul Francis, the director of the Global Outreach program, is also interviewed. Community, Simple Living, Social Justice and Spirituality are the four pillars of the program.

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2018 marks 20 years since the Good Friday Agreement quelled decades of violent sectarianism in Northern Ireland. Fordham Conversations Host John Rogan talks with former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, who chaired the peace talks that lead to the Good Friday Agreement. Senator Mitchell talks about how the peace process overcame North Ireland's strife-plagued past

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Fordham Alum Loretta Tofani won a Pulitzer Prize for her 1982 investigation of rape in a Maryland jail for the Washington Post. She joins Fordham Conversations host Robin Shannon to reflect on her groundbreaking story. Tofani also discusses her career highlights and offers advice for up-and-coming journalists

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With each generation of veterans, comes different needs and challenges for the organizations created to assist them.  

Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks Dan McSweeny, President of the United War Veterans Council. He discusses what his organization is doing to help veterans readjust to civilian life.   Dan McSweeny is also a Fordham University Alumni.

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The word "neuroscience" might make you think of science fiction, but recent developments in the field are making changes in the legal world. New developments in the science bring up questions about the human brain, addiction and even free will.

 Fordham Conversations Host Patrick Russomanno talks with Fordham Law Professor Deborah Denno about how recent developments in neuroscience are affecting America’s legal system.  She explores the role neuroscience plays in legal cases and current events, as well as the role it might play in the future.

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