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With back-to-school preparations beginning in earnest and parents frantically buying extra-long sheets for their college students' dorm beds, we talk with Fordham Professor Leonard Cassuto about the state of the university today.
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In the last few years, the catholic church has received a fair amount of publicity for its conservative stances on issues like abortion, birth control, and gay marriage, leaving many progressive catholics feeling somewhat abandoned. But that wasn't always the case--remembering the heyday of liberation theology, this week on Fordham Conversations.
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If you remember the 1980's TV show "thirtysomething", chances are you either loved it or hated it. We talk with Fordham professor Al Auster about that show and why he says it's still fresh 20 years after the fact. He's one of the authors of an upcoming book about the series.
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Hugo Benavides grew up watching Latin American soap operas—telenovelas—on TV in New York and Equador. But he never thought that when he grew up, he’d be studying them. We talk to Benavides about telenovelas, and about the US-Mexico border melodramas called “Narcodramas?.

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It's one of New York City's least appreciated waterways, but birds, fish, and now at least one beaver are fans! The Bronx river, by canoe.
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We take a fieldtrip, to look at a few of Philadelphia's more than 2700 murals, with Fordham theologian Maureen O'Connell--she's looking at what the murals say about faith.

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On this weekend before Independence Day, we look at one very British institutions--the Booker Prize--and what it says about what it means to be British in this day and age.
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Apparently, yes. We speak to the author of the new book "Why Classical Music Still Matters", Fordham Professor Lawrence Kramer.
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This week on Fordham Conversations, we continue our look at Communism in Harlem during the Great depression. With my guest Mark Naison, we take a closer look at Richard Wright and Paul Robeson's forays into Communism, and we talk about the lingering affects of this little-discussed chapter in American History. (part 2 of 2)
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