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With support for the war in Iraq severely waning and a new democratic legislature in power, the stories that we hear from Washington and in the media might be different ones this year than they have been for the last few. We talk to to author and Fordham professor Robin Anderson about the stories we've been telling about this war, and the stories we tell about others. Her new book is "A Century of Media, A Century of War." --Aired 1/22/2007

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With the end of the year approaching, and with it about a million lists of the superlatives of 2006, we'll hear from the former publisher of another superlative--The Nation, America's oldest weekly magazine. He's written a memoir of his time at The Nation. Also, a few of our favorite things. --Aired 12/23/2006
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Sure, their show's been running longer than any TV sitcom ever has. But that's not the only reason the Simpsons might be the most successful family ever to wrap things up in 23 minutes or less. We talk to Fordham communication and media studies professor Jonathan Gray about the Simpsons and how they've managed to change the way that people all over the world look at TV, and America. --Aired 1/6/2007

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The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was a huge blockbuster and introduced many to CS Lewis as a writer of adventure stories. But an off-off-broadway production is taking a stab at some of Lewis' less child-friendly work. We talk to Magis artistic director, Fordham artist-in-residence, and Jesuit Priest, George Drance. --Aired 1/13/2007
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