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She was a middle-class girl from St. Petersburg, Florida, who became a heroine in the French resistance during World War II. We'll talk about the life of Virginia D'Albert Lake, with historian Judy Barrett Litoff, who edited D'Albert-Lake's diary and memoir for publication by Fordham University Press.
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This week on Fordham Conversations, we talk about the American presidency--and how it's changed over time--with Fordham Political Scientist Jeffrey Cohen.
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Lions and tigers and...polar bears? We talk about Fordham's new joint program with the Bronx Zoo, teaching teachers how to teach conservation biology. Also, branding global warming using polar bears; and a look at a somewhat different educational effort in New York State's prisons.
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The West Indian American Day Parade in Brooklyn is the city's largest cultural celebration--up to 3 million people show up every year for the carnivale-like celebration--and it's coming up on labor day. This week on Fordham Conversations, we talk about some of New York's West Indian communities.
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this week on the show, we say "nyet!" to conventinality, with a discussion of the occult in Russia...also, a look at the links between
russian alternative spiritual beliefs, and the space race, and a visit with a boy psychic right here in the northeast.
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With back-to-school preparations beginning in earnest and parents frantically buying extra-long sheets for their college students' dorm beds, we talk with Fordham Professor Leonard Cassuto about the state of the university today.
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In the last few years, the catholic church has received a fair amount of publicity for its conservative stances on issues like abortion, birth control, and gay marriage, leaving many progressive catholics feeling somewhat abandoned. But that wasn't always the case--remembering the heyday of liberation theology, this week on Fordham Conversations.
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If you remember the 1980's TV show "thirtysomething", chances are you either loved it or hated it. We talk with Fordham professor Al Auster about that show and why he says it's still fresh 20 years after the fact. He's one of the authors of an upcoming book about the series.
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Hugo Benavides grew up watching Latin American soap operas—telenovelas—on TV in New York and Equador. But he never thought that when he grew up, he’d be studying them. We talk to Benavides about telenovelas, and about the US-Mexico border melodramas called “Narcodramas?.

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It's one of New York City's least appreciated waterways, but birds, fish, and now at least one beaver are fans! The Bronx river, by canoe.
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