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Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon and Fordham Professor Dr. Mark Naison take a literary trip through the gritty streets of the South Bronx with Naison's book “Pure Bronx”.   It’s a story of a young couple and the means they use to try and escape the poverty, desperation, and frustration that can sometimes come with living in New York City’s poorest borough.  There’s also a cast of characters that provide an opportunity for the reader to see the South Bronx through a variety of different, ethnic points of view.  

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Social Stigma can take on many forms. It may be an unpleasant remark, a strange look or even the refusal of employment. Fordham Conversations Host Will Germain tries to understand the phenomena of stigma by talking with Tina Maschi. She is The President of the national Organization of Forensic Social Work. Maschi is also a professor at the Fordham University Graduate School of social service.

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Jane Austen’s novels are still intriguing modern day audiences, over 200 years after they were penned. Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon continues her discussion with Dr. Susan Greenfield, professor of English at Fordham University.

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Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Mansfield Park are popular novels by English Author Jane Austin. But they have also been reworked and reinvented by modern audiences two centuries after they were written.  

Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with guest Dr. Susan Greenfield, professor of English at Fordham University about the lasting appeal of Jane Austen

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Football is more than just a game to most Americans. Whether we play it or watch it football can be a reflection of America’s character. And sometimes that reflection is hard to take. Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with Anthropology Professor Hugo Benavides about the culture of American Football in relation to symbolism, gender and more.

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Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon is joined by members of The Life Jacket Theatre Company to discuss their new show “America is Hard to See.” The show is about a rural community for sex offenders in Palm Beach County, Florida called Miracle Village.

 Travis Russ is a Fordham University Associate Professor and founding Artistic Director of Life Jacket Theatre Company.

 Amy Hayes is an actor, singer and dancer who recently joined Life Jacket Theatre Company.

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Every year, thousands of people trek hundreds of miles from France to Spain as part of the Camino de Santiago.  This pilgrimage to the legendary burial site of St. James is taken by Christians to connect more deeply with their faith. Nonreligious travelers have been known to take the journey for the historic scenery, as a challenging hike, or to meet people from all over the world.

 Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with a group from Fordham University that walked the Camino de Santiago.   Dr. Richard Gyug is a Fordham Professor of history and medieval studies who created the course that takes Fordham students on the trip. Dr. David Myers is Professor of History and Chair of the Department. He has taken the five times. Cristina Iannarino is a Bronx native and a recent graduate from Fordham’s Rose Hill campus. She shares details of her journey.  Rachel Podd is a Fordham graduate student and PhD candidate in History. She was a chaperone on three trips.

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Fordham Conversations Host Patrick Russomanno sits down with The
New York Times bestselling author Father James Martin. They discuss his book, Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT
Community Can Enter into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and

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The 60's original soundtrack Star Trek describes space as the final
frontier. But Dr. Kirk Bingaman says there is another frontier we are only beginning to understand: our inner space.

Fordham Conversations host Robin Shannon talks to the Associate
Professor at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Religion and
Religious Education. Dr. Kirk Bingaman authored "The Power of Neuroplasticity for Pastoral and Spiritual Care." His research has led him to understand how mindful meditation and prayer can help us manage our negative thoughts and actually change the neurological makeup of our brains.

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There’s a new initiative at Fordham University that’s helping to tell the stories of Italians and Italian Americans throughout the 20th century who called the Bronx their home.

Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with Dr. Kathleen LaPenta, Dr. Mark Naison and Dr. Jacqueline Reich about the Bronx Italian American History Initiative

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