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In the wake of the first conviction this week of a Guantanamo detainee before a military commission, we talk to Fordham law professor Martha Rayner about the basics of the camp, how the US has come to be in the position we're in, and her work representing detainees.
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A few years ago, Yvette Christianse was doing archival research in South Africa, when she came across a slave woman's story. The story haunted Christianse, and the book she wrote about, Unconfessed, has just been named a finalist for the prestigious Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award.
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In literature, what does it really mean to tell the truth? We explore that question with authors Mary Karr--she's the author of the hugely successful memoir "The Liar's Club"; and Heidi Julavits, whose novel "The Uses of Enchantment" explores the idea of how truth changes when different interests get involved.
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On an early-St. Patrick's Day Fordham Conversations, we talk with author Peter Quinn, about Politics, Jimmy Cagney, and the Irish-American sense of History (or lack thereof.) Also, one Irish-American daughter's memories of her father's favorite drinking song.
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When most of us think of the Civil Rights movement, we think of iconic figures like Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks...southern figures. But there was much more going on in the north than we seem to recall. We talk to Fordham African-American Studies professor Brian Purnell, about the civil rights movement in Brooklyn, and why we should remember it.
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