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We look at AIDS in Malawi, with filmmakers Doug Karr and Eddie Boyce. Their new film follows Fordham Law School’s Crowley Scholars on their 2007 mission to Malawi to study the effects of AIDS on women there.
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If you have something to say in America, you know that at least in theory you have the right to stand in any public place and say it. But if you want to say it on TV, do you have a right to do it in prime time? A conversation about how the right to free speech plays out in today's media universe, with Fordham communications scholar Phil Napoli.
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The stories we tell about ourselves…and the stories that the food we eat tells about us. We talk with Fordham professor Kim Hall about food and culture, and with a Brooklyn mother and daughter about what it’s like being Greek and American at the same time.

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You might think that finding an apartment in New York City is tough, but for new immigrants it can be an impossible task. We’ll talk about how immigrants—and their children and grandchildren—fare in the New York housing market.

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