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Pollinators Good, Pollen Bad, part 1 of 2: We speak with bee and butterfly researcher Kevin Matteson about looking at New York through insects' eyes; and we learn about a new project that turns New Yorkers into bee researchers. Next week: Pollen Bad!
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Brand names and identities are more in our lives than ever before--but they're not in the public domain. We look at branding, "anti-branding", and the legal issues both carry with them, with Fordham Law Professor Sonia Katyal.
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This week on the show, we get a little arty with it: The Bronx, the immigration experience, and the pleasures of wordplay, with poet Janet Kaplan.
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Whether you think he's a fabulous throwback, a dangerous dictator or just another politician, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has changed the discourse about Latin American politics--and oil. We talk with reporter Bart Jones, whose book "Hugo! The Hugo Chavez Story, from Mud Hut to Perpetual Revolution", is out from Steerforth Press.
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Although living in New York can be wonderful...sometimes we all dream of escape. We speak with author Christina Baker Kline about her "escape from New York" novel, "The Way Life Should Be", and we find out where New Yorkers would most like to escape to.
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