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On October 4, 1947, “Leave it to Beaver” premiered on US television…and space travel premiered in the USSR as the Soviets launched the first Sputnik. We take a look at the roots of Soviet space travel, and America’s response to it, with Fordham History professor Asif Siddiqi.
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When we think of bullies, we tend to think of things like bigger boys stuffing a smaller boy into a locker. But when girls bully, it's a lot more covert, and some say a lot crueler. We'll talk with JoAnne Dornfeld Januzzi, the principal of Henry H. Wells Middle School in Brewster, about her research on how girls bully, and what we can do about it.
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Most of us know about those Galapagos island finches, but we may not be as aware that Charles Darwin was an avid botanist. We look at an exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden that explores the role plants played in Darwin's framing of his theory; and we hear about one of the more interesting animal adaptations around--penguin song.
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We look at the summer scourge of ticks with Fordham researcher Thomas Daniels--and we hear about some of the possible long-term effects of a tick's bite.
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