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We look at the recent changes in the legal status of the Guantanamo detainees, and at the process of determining what's happened to former detainees who may have been psychologically effected by their experiences.
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What do we see when we look in the mirror? We talk about the new anthology "About Face" (Seal Press) with editor and Fordham writer in residence Christina Baker Kline, and contributor Jennifer Baumgardner—she talks in the book about her ill-fated outing into the world of beauty pageants.
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Do video games rot kids' brains, or do they make them smarter? And how do you even figure out what kids know, anyway? Computer gaming and academic testing, this week on Fordham Conversations.

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Does the fact that you bought that Prada knockoff bag on Canal Street mean that you got a fabulous bargain, or just that you get what you pay for? With Fashion Week clomping all over the city's catwalks in its super high heels this week, we'll take a look at fashion and the law.
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