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In honor of Halloween, we talk about terrifying women in poetry and literature: Poet Janet Kaplan reads some of her favorite poems about witches, sirens and creepy nighttimes, and author Jeffrey Weinstock talks about scary stories, and the women who write them.
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With the economic climate being what it is at present, many of us may find ourselves with less flexible work schedules than we once had. But if we find ourselves working night shifts, or different shifts every week, how will it effect our families? We talk with Fordham sociologist Chris Morett about his work on shiftwork and work-life balance.
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Culture and community, over a beer: We visit KGB bar in the east village—where they've been hosting free readings most nights for years—and talk with owner Denis Woychuk about changes in the neighborhood, his colorful clientele, and why culture should be free.
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We look at the idea of “greening” New York, through green space and green architecture. Also, a look how one guy is using New York’s already-existing park space.

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