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A couple of days ago, most of us sat down and ate a huge meal in honor of some of the first immigrants to America... but what about more modern immigrants? We'll talk about one aspect of acclimation – housing – and look at how immigrants, and their children and grandchildren, fare in the New York housing market.
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When you see the latest teen pop vixen, you might worry for the future of teen girls...but maybe they're savvier than we think. We talk with Fordham Anthropologist Oneka LaBennett about how one group of girls, West Indian teens in Brooklyn, use pop music, TV and even their accents to their own ends.

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Hello, Clarice! From Sam Spade to Hannibal Lecter, we look at crime novels, that thing they do to us, and what they say about the way we look at families. Lenny Cassuto, Fordham english professor and the author of "Hard Boiled Sentimentality: The Secret History of American Crime Stories", joins me in the studio.
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What makes a man? And are you a 98-pound weakling if you decide to go to the doctor when you have a cold? And is your answer to that last question different depending on whether you're black, white or Asian? We look at health, ideas of masculinity, and race, with Fordham psychologist Jay Wade.
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We try to answer this question, and look at how we might know, with voter behavior expert Monika McDermott. And, just when we think we can't take it anymore, a little comic relief.
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