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When we settle in with our fried snacks and beer to watch the BIGGEST FOOTBALL GAME OF THE YEAR tomorrow, what will we really be looking at? We speak with Fordham anthropologist Hugo Benavides about why we love football so much, and what that says about the way we think about race, manhood and war.

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We hear a lot about the stress that kids are under today--too many activities, too much pressure to get into college, but what kind of stress does it cause if you're a kid who's abused, or who's a witness to violence, or whose parents are heavy drug users? We speak with Fordham social work professor Tina Maschi about teenagers in the justice system, what they've been through, and what we can do to better deal with the situation.
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Does what's going on with the economy, the bailout and Bernard Madoff make you so mad you just want to scream and throw things? Well, in 1999, that's how tens of thousands of people felt about the World Trade Organization, and their protests of its Seattle conference--and the extraordinary police response--became known as the Battle of Seattle. A look at those protests and what they mean to us today, with Fordham sociologist Heather Gautney.
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Is that a glass ceiling above my head, or am I just seeing things? We speak with Fordham management professor Roslyn Chernesky about women in management today, and why she says we haven't made as much progress as expected.
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There doesn't seem to be too much hassle every year with the birth of the New Year (except for the hangover)...but Fordham sociologist Jeanne Flavin says that birth is one of increasingly few that's allowed to go unmolested by the criminal justice system. In her new book, "Our Bodies, Our Crimes: The Policing of Women's Reproduction in America (NYU Press, 2008)" Flavin argues for a rethinking of the idea of reproductive rights.


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