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If someone were to ask you to describe yourself, what would you say? If you're a member of an ethnic or racial minority, chances are it's more likely to include your race...but that might change at different times of the day. We talk with Fordham psychologist Tiffany Yip about ethnic identity among New York City teens.
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We talk about angels—and why they’re probably not what we think—with Fordham theologian Clair McPherson. Also, getting to know Brooklyn’s Hasidic community with Fordham anthropologist Ayala Fader.

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Allen Jones grew up in the projects in one of the nation's most famously tough neighborhoods, dealt drugs, went to prison, went to prep school, and played European pro basketball...and now he's a banker in Luxembourg. His memoir, co-written with Fordham professor Mark Naison, is forthcoming from Fordham University Press--we talk with Naison about Jones' strange life trajectory, the early day's of NYC public housing, and the massive importance of schoolyard basketball.
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From Harriet the Spy to Harry Potter, books for young readers are not only a big part of our childhoods, but also big business. This week on Fordham Conversations, we talk about writing young adult fiction with Fordham professor and author James VanOosting. He's the author of several young adult novels. Also, remembering what we read as kids and why it stays with us now.
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