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Interview with a Vampire Writer: Andrew Valentine's Bitter Things Move over Anne Rice.  On this week’s Fordham Conversations we’ll hear Host Robin Shannon’s interview with a vampire…writer!  Author and Fordham Grad Andrew Valentine takes us on a mysterious journey in his latest novel “Bitter Things.”  We also discuss vampire history, culture and the reason he decided to use Fordham University as a backdrop in his story.
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The Internet has shaken the foundations of both politics and news.  Are colleges next?  So says Zephyr Teachout, former director of online organizing for Howard Dean's 2004 presidential campaign.  Then, a story of getting started--from journalist Beth Knobel.  Host: Mary Wilson.

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The Bronx, the immigration experience, and the pleasures of wordplay, with poet Janet Kaplan.
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We talk with author Christina Baker Kline about her new novel, “Bird In Hand" (William Morrow), kids, adulthood, and moving to New Jersey. 
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