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Don't leave your family's dirty laundry lying around Dr. Nicholas Paul – although unless your lineage goes back to the middle ages, chances are he's not interested.  Paul studies medieval noble families, and he does so by reading the official histories those families recorded about themselves.  But it's tough to say what those stories can really tell us about a world so many centuries away – and tougher still to draw comparisons to families then and now.  "The value is in the difference," says Paul.

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Keith Alan Howey still carries his tape recorder with him.  It's habit by now, after a year of searching for interviews to include in his Master's thesis on the causes of homelessness among veterans.  Howey's a military veteran himself, and a Fordham sociology student who spent the past year asking himself: Why do so many veterans slip through the cracks?  And how come I didn't?

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