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Today we’re hearing some of the past shows that were developed, produced and hosted by WFUV Journalist in-training. <!-- [if gte mso 9]> First, Fordham Journalist Lauren Naymie talks with NPR Correspondent Lynn Neary. Then, WFUV’s Erin McLaughlin talks with Long Island resident Luis Papa who got to see Egypts revolution firsthand while in Cairo.Finally,

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This Saturday on Fordham Conversations, Heart attacks leave a mental mark -- but how to treat victims, if they refuse to step foot on a psychiatry ward? Psychologist Rachel Annunziato found a way. Then, a look at heart trauma in the Charles Dickens classic, Great Expectations with English professor Kathleen Urda.

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The Faux-real’s All-Male version of OEDIPUS REX has been called cutting-edge, classic, serious and seriously silly.   Director and Fordham Professor Mark Greenfield, along with actors Steve Johnson, Jason Scott Quinn and Rafael Miguel discuss how they infuse this classic play with humor for a modern audience.

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