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Be a fly on the wall at the Rosedale Achievement Center for Girls in the Bronx.  Then, a hapless exercise in menorah-lighting, with visiting professor Jonathan Sanders.  And as part of WFUV’s Strike a Chord campaign, we’ll hear from Joanna Poz-Molesky, who says dance can strengthen communities. 

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In 1948, a group of Catholic college students, black and white, confronted the archbishop of New Orleans and demanded to know why the Catholic schools of their Crescent City couldn't desegregrate.  It took six years for the New Orleans Province of Jesuits to issue a new policy of racial integration.  And it took another ten years after that to effectively desegregate the Catholic schools and churches.  Father Bentley Anderson, SJ tells the story.

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This week on Fordham Conversations: Fordham Professor Chris Toulouse  discusses his book “Whatever Happened to Zachary,” a ghost story based on his son Zander who was fatally killed in a bicycle accident. 

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The post 9/11 GI Bill paved the way for a number of recent veterans to enroll in colleges and universities across the country. However, many of these veterans returning from active duty face unique challenges that aren't typical of your average student. On WFUV’s Fordham Conversations, I'll be talking with Gary Kucinich and Dan Hodd. These two marines and current college students started “Armed Forces at Fordham.” This student group helps fellow veterans make the transition back into college life. But first I’m talking to Fordham’s Associate Vice President for Veterans Affairs, Dr. Michael Gillan about the FordhamVets Initiative.

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Rock, Pop, and the Poetic Tradition

 Professor Scott Levin has taken the traditional college poetry class and added an interesting twist. He’s combining the poetry of writers like William Blake and T.S. Elliot with musicians such as Bob Dylan and Eminem. Levin says he hopes that the Fordham class Rock, Pop, and the Poetic Tradition will lead to other Fordham professors using more pop culture and non-literary texts in the classroom. Scott Levin currently teaches at Louisiana Tech University.

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Saving the News

Dr. Bill Baker explains how the Internet broke newspapers' business model, and why public media broadcasters should be next in line for a government bail-out.

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WFUV's Will Germain talks with veterans Carlos Gonzalez, Ameer Vincent and Dan Hodd about what it's like to join the military serve overseas and then go back to school at Fordham. 

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Today we showcase stories and interviews that WFUV student reporters at Fordham University have produced, including gay homeless teens, safety and bike sharing program, conversation with musician Dion, and discussion with author Ernie Palladino.

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Author and Fordham professor Dan Zevin discusses his comic memoir “Dan gets a Minivan: Life at the Intersection of Due and Dad. In addition, WFUV Reporter Alen Kanlic takes a look at how crowd-funding has changed the video game industry.

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 Losing a loved one under any circumstances is tragic. But for families who lost a loved one on September 11, 2001  in an act of terrorism, the traumatic nature of their loss can become overwhelming,  even after all these years.  Today on Fordham Conversations, Terry Sears, and The Executive Director of “Tuesday’s Children” talks about the organization which provides programs to families who’ve been directly impacted by the events of 9/11.  Also, Kevin Clyne remembers his mom Susan who died in Tower One of the World Trade Center site.  Kevin is a Fordham University Junior, Member of Tuesday’s Children and also a reporter with WFUV-News.

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Tina Maschi, Ph.D., president of the National Organization of Forensic Social Work and professor of social work, discusses social stigma and the forms it can take.

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Last May, a group of eight students from Fordham Law School went on a fact-finding mission to investigate land access in Nepal.  They were sent by the Crowley Program in International Human Rights at Fordham Law's Leitner Center for International Law and Justice, which sponsors a fact-finding mission to a different country every year.  The Crowley scholars share their experiences, as well as the audio diaries they kept during their time in Nepal.

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The non-profit youth and community development organization “Rocking the Boat” uses traditional wooden boat building and on-water education to help young people develop into empowered and responsible adults.  On this week’s Fordham Conversations we talk with Executive Director Adam Green; on-Water Program Director and Fordham Graduate Rachel Daugherty and Program Assistant Stephanie Cabral.

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Robert Kennedy Jr. recently discusses environmental policy and activism during a visit to Fordham University.  Host Chiara Wegener provides a summary and excerpts from his discussion. 

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A discussion with Emmy Award winning filmmaker Helen Young who’s producing a documentary called “The Bangor 5.”  It follows the case of five unlikely commandos, all over the age of 60, who executed a bold break-in at a military bases near Seattle that stockpiled nuclear weapons.  We also hear from Fordham Student and WFUV reporter Lucas Bifera.  He examines the diverse and growing number of New Yorkers who are studying the world’s most spoken language -- Mandarin Chinese.

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Fordham University recently launched a research center that looks at how marketing can improve consumer’s lives.  On this week’s Fordham Conversations we hear from the Executive Director of the Center for Positive Marketing, Dr. Dawn Lerman and the Director of research, Dr. Luke Kachersky.  We also hear from WFUV’s Connor Ryan on what the new Citi Bike sharing program mean for safety on New York City streets

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Alex Trebek is famous for entertaining millions for over two-decades as the host of Jeopardy!  More recently this pop-culture Icon came to Fordham University to share advice and his story with the Fordham community

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WFUV's Strike a Chord campaign on electoral engagement continues on Fordham Conversations.  Alumnus Dr. Konstantin Augemberg discusses his study examining the influence of personal values on political engagement.  Also, Reporter Jacob Anderson looks at a survey from the group Headcount that examines how music fans may differ in political allegiances and shared values. 

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Authors and Professors Virginia Burrus and Karmen Mackendrick discuss their book “Seducing Augustine: Bodies, Desires, Confessions.” The publication from Fordham Press interprets St. Augustine’s autobiography Confessions from a seductive and passionate point of view.

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Carol Bonomo Albright and Christine Palamidessi Moore discuss their anthology “American Women, Italian Style: Italian-Americana’s Best Writings on Women" (Fordham Press). Their collection brings together writers with a wide range of backgrounds, outlooks, ideas, and experiences to examine the history of Italian women in America. 

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Author and Fordham Alumnus Robert Hinkley talks about his book “Time to Change Corporations: Closing the Citizenship Gap.” In it, he details ways to make corporations more socially responsible.  Then WFUV’s Jake Neher gives us a listen to the Really Terrible Orchestra of Westchester, a group that is proud to be musically disadvantaged.

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Squash in the City

On this Saturday's Fordham Conversations, a profile of CitySquash, a non-profit organization that's changing the demographics of squash teams by recruiting inner-city students to up their game and their grades, and become competitive applicants for elite high schools and colleges.

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Understanding 20-Somethings

What does it mean to be 20-something?  On this week’s Fordham Conversations we explore the changing definition of adulthood with author and Clark University Professor, Dr. Jeffrey Arnett. Then Fordham Theology Professor Dr. Christine Firer Hinze and Paul Schutz, a M.A. student in theology on Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus, discuss the relationship Catholic young adults have with the church. 



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Fordham Conversations: The Women’s and Civil Rights Movements Olivia Hooker, Ph.D., former professor of psychology at Fordham, who was recently honored by the New York State Senate via legislative resolution, discusses her achievements and contributions to both the women’s and the civil rights movements.   You can hear Fordham Conversation’s every Saturday at 7am on 90.7 WFUV.  You can also friend-us on FaceBook, following us on Twitter and catch up on past shows with our weekly podcast


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Someone once said that no man fights the same war as another.  If that’s true, than the Veterans Writing Workshop is a way for those who have been through battle to express themselves and share their experiences. On today’s Fordham Conversations I talk with David Surface, the Founder and instructor of the Veterans Writing Workshop which is sponsored by Fordham University.  We also hear from Vietnam Vet Rod Carlson and Korean War Vet Vincent Speranza. Both have shared their war experiences in the anthology “Afterword’s: from war and home.

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Matthew Maguire will not be tamed.  “Wild Man” is the one-man show of Maguire’s own true-life stories.  He's planning a fourth run of the play in Los Angeles this May, looking for that elusive connection to the audience and a performance that comes from “deeper in the bones.”

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In 1946 Ed Rohs was left at a Catholic orphanage in post-World War II Brooklyn.   That's where he spent the next 19-years of his life going from one institution to another until he was “unceremoniously dumped out into the world.”   In his book “Raised by the Church” Rohs talks about the history of orphanages, and speaks for some of the thousands of baby-boomers taken in by the catholic institutions in New York City.

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The late newsman Mike Wallace once said a journalist’s responsibility is to "bring both the heat and the light." In fact, Heat and Light is the name of a book Wallace co-wrote with Journalist and Fordham professor, Dr. Beth Knobel.  It's a guide full of advice for the next generation of news gatherers.  On this week’s Fordham Conversations we revisit an interview in which Dr. Nobel discusses “Heat and Light: Advice for the next generation of Journalists” As well as her relationship with Wallace before he passed away April 7, 2012 at the age of 93-years old.

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The Story of Music at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Cathedral historian and Author Salvatore Basile discusses his book "Fifth Avenue Famous: The Extraordinary Story of Music at St. Patrick’s Cathedral." The book was published by Fordham Press.

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By day Renato Frison is a mild-mannered computer support manager at Fordham University's Walsh Library.  But at night he hops on his hog and heads for the open road.  And one time Renato’s wanderlust took him on an 11-thousand mile motorcycle trip from Bronxville, New York to Brazil.

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Once a year, a number of selfless New Yorker’s spend a cold winter’s night canvasing city parks, subways and other public spaces to count the number of people living on New York City streets.  On this week’s Fordham Conversations we discuss the annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimation also known as the HOPE Count with the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice Director, Sandra Lobo Jost. We also talk with Fordham Junior Jillian Abballe who’s served as both a HOPE Count’s volunteer and group leader.

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Portrait of a Radical Lady

Crystal Eastman was active in all the major social movements of the early 20th century -- as a suffragist, labor activist, pacifist, and rebel journalist.  Amy Aronson is researching Eastman's life story -- an undertaking that has involved three searches for an FBI file and a lot of thinking about human integrity.

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Animal Legal Defense Fund Staff Attorney Matthew Liebman discusses The ALDF’s mission, goals and how this group is advancing

the interests of animals through the legal system.

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John Entelis, Ph.D., professor of Middle East Studies at Fordham and Linda Sarsour, community activist, discuss the wide array of issues facing New Yorkers who practice Islam, and those of Middle Eastern descent with Host Jake Neher.

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We hear the Ghosts of broadcasts past. These funny, thoughtful and inspiring clips span the radio life of Fordham Conversations. Some highlights include academic analysis of The Simpsons; a man who turned the tragic loss of his son into an inspiring book and a Fordham alumni in pursuit of meaningful work.Listen Saturday Mornings at 7am on 90.7

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Football Culture

Football is more than just a game to most Americans.   Whether we play it or watch it football can be a reflection of America’s character.  And sometimes that reflection is hard to take.  On this week’s Fordham Conversations, Hugo Benavides, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Fordham University discusses the culture of American Football in relation to symbolism, gender and more.

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