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By day Renato Frison is a mild-mannered computer support manager at Fordham University's Walsh Library.  But at night he hops on his hog and heads for the open road.  And one time Renato’s wanderlust took him on an 11-thousand mile motorcycle trip from Bronxville, New York to Brazil.

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Once a year, a number of selfless New Yorker’s spend a cold winter’s night canvasing city parks, subways and other public spaces to count the number of people living on New York City streets.  On this week’s Fordham Conversations we discuss the annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimation also known as the HOPE Count with the Dorothy Day Center for Service and Justice Director, Sandra Lobo Jost. We also talk with Fordham Junior Jillian Abballe who’s served as both a HOPE Count’s volunteer and group leader.

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Portrait of a Radical Lady

Crystal Eastman was active in all the major social movements of the early 20th century -- as a suffragist, labor activist, pacifist, and rebel journalist.  Amy Aronson is researching Eastman's life story -- an undertaking that has involved three searches for an FBI file and a lot of thinking about human integrity.

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Animal Legal Defense Fund Staff Attorney Matthew Liebman discusses The ALDF’s mission, goals and how this group is advancing

the interests of animals through the legal system.

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