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Squash in the City

On this Saturday's Fordham Conversations, a profile of CitySquash, a non-profit organization that's changing the demographics of squash teams by recruiting inner-city students to up their game and their grades, and become competitive applicants for elite high schools and colleges.

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Understanding 20-Somethings

What does it mean to be 20-something?  On this week’s Fordham Conversations we explore the changing definition of adulthood with author and Clark University Professor, Dr. Jeffrey Arnett. Then Fordham Theology Professor Dr. Christine Firer Hinze and Paul Schutz, a M.A. student in theology on Fordham’s Rose Hill Campus, discuss the relationship Catholic young adults have with the church. 



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Fordham Conversations: The Women’s and Civil Rights Movements Olivia Hooker, Ph.D., former professor of psychology at Fordham, who was recently honored by the New York State Senate via legislative resolution, discusses her achievements and contributions to both the women’s and the civil rights movements.   You can hear Fordham Conversation’s every Saturday at 7am on 90.7 WFUV.  You can also friend-us on FaceBook, following us on Twitter and catch up on past shows with our weekly podcast


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Someone once said that no man fights the same war as another.  If that’s true, than the Veterans Writing Workshop is a way for those who have been through battle to express themselves and share their experiences. On today’s Fordham Conversations I talk with David Surface, the Founder and instructor of the Veterans Writing Workshop which is sponsored by Fordham University.  We also hear from Vietnam Vet Rod Carlson and Korean War Vet Vincent Speranza. Both have shared their war experiences in the anthology “Afterword’s: from war and home.

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