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Alex Trebek is famous for entertaining millions for over two-decades as the host of Jeopardy!  More recently this pop-culture Icon came to Fordham University to share advice and his story with the Fordham community

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WFUV's Strike a Chord campaign on electoral engagement continues on Fordham Conversations.  Alumnus Dr. Konstantin Augemberg discusses his study examining the influence of personal values on political engagement.  Also, Reporter Jacob Anderson looks at a survey from the group Headcount that examines how music fans may differ in political allegiances and shared values. 

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Authors and Professors Virginia Burrus and Karmen Mackendrick discuss their book “Seducing Augustine: Bodies, Desires, Confessions.” The publication from Fordham Press interprets St. Augustine’s autobiography Confessions from a seductive and passionate point of view.

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Carol Bonomo Albright and Christine Palamidessi Moore discuss their anthology “American Women, Italian Style: Italian-Americana’s Best Writings on Women" (Fordham Press). Their collection brings together writers with a wide range of backgrounds, outlooks, ideas, and experiences to examine the history of Italian women in America. 

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Author and Fordham Alumnus Robert Hinkley talks about his book “Time to Change Corporations: Closing the Citizenship Gap.” In it, he details ways to make corporations more socially responsible.  Then WFUV’s Jake Neher gives us a listen to the Really Terrible Orchestra of Westchester, a group that is proud to be musically disadvantaged.

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