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This week on Fordham Conversations: Fordham Professor Chris Toulouse  discusses his book “Whatever Happened to Zachary,” a ghost story based on his son Zander who was fatally killed in a bicycle accident. 

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The post 9/11 GI Bill paved the way for a number of recent veterans to enroll in colleges and universities across the country. However, many of these veterans returning from active duty face unique challenges that aren't typical of your average student. On WFUV’s Fordham Conversations, I'll be talking with Gary Kucinich and Dan Hodd. These two marines and current college students started “Armed Forces at Fordham.” This student group helps fellow veterans make the transition back into college life. But first I’m talking to Fordham’s Associate Vice President for Veterans Affairs, Dr. Michael Gillan about the FordhamVets Initiative.

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Rock, Pop, and the Poetic Tradition

 Professor Scott Levin has taken the traditional college poetry class and added an interesting twist. He’s combining the poetry of writers like William Blake and T.S. Elliot with musicians such as Bob Dylan and Eminem. Levin says he hopes that the Fordham class Rock, Pop, and the Poetic Tradition will lead to other Fordham professors using more pop culture and non-literary texts in the classroom. Scott Levin currently teaches at Louisiana Tech University.

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