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Fordham University recently launched a burial database project for enslaved African American.  It allows anyone to submit locations they suspect may be the site of an unmarked grave of slaves. On this week’s Fordham Conversations we hear from Sandra Arnold, the Founding Director of The Burial Database Project of Enslaved African Americans and Staff Member with Fordham’s Department of African and African American Studies.  "We also hear from Dr. Michael Blakey, Professor of Anthropology at William & Mary College and Former Director of the African Burial Ground Project in New York City, and a current adviser to the Burial Database Project of  Enslaved African Americans."

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In a job market that’s improved but still bleak, a top notch résumé, cover letter and strong interviewing skills are essential.  But there’s another way to become the brand of choice for a company. On this week’s Fordham Conversations, Fordham Professor Steve Horowitz discusses the principles of Public Relations and how job-seekers can make themselves more appealing to potential employers through branding.  We also hear from Fordham students Lauren Hutt and Katherine Graham, who went through their own self discovery process to uncover their personal brand.

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Author and Fordham Professor Dr. Mark Naison discusses so-called food desert, his research on health and food disparities in the Bronx, and how the borough is a prime location for cultural tourism.

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