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Elder abuse is a crime that can go unnoticed if unchecked, affecting one of the most vulnerable among us by making them victims of financial, physical, and often sexual abuse. On this week’s Fordham Conversation, we put a spotlight on Elder Abuse, and learn how it’s perpetrated and what can be done to stop it.  We’ll hear from Dr. Patricia Brownell on the abuse older women suffer internationally. We’ll also hear about elder abuse in prisons from Tina Maschi, an Associate professor at Fordham’s Graduate School of Social Service. We also travel to a Citymeals-on-Wheels elder abuse awareness training for volunteers.  They’re learning to recognize signs of elder abuse, what questions to ask, and what to do if abuse is suspected.

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How do historians preserve memory? 
With the rise of social media, we have fewer and fewer hard copies of letters, photos, and other documents. So what happens in the future? Will all of this be preserved? Will there be too much of it to sort through? This week on Fordham Conversations, Chris Williams talks to Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge, graduate researcher at Fordham University and producer of the Footnoting History podcast, about how historians preserve memories and how this is changing. 


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Human trafficking is often associated with large sporting events, like the Super Bowl.  So in preparation for the game The Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment has joined a number of groups who are working to raise awareness about the issue and deter this form of modern day slavery.  

Sister Pat Daly is a Dominican Sister of Caldwell and Executive Director of the Tri-State Coalition for Responsible Investment.  She’s joined by Margot Morris, the Associate Program Director of the organization.  We also hear from Kate Combellick, a clinical associate professor of communications and media management at the Fordham Schools of Business. She explains the possible economic reasons someone may become a victim of human trafficking.

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