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Sixteen and seventeen year old New Yorker's can't vote, buy tobacco or even rent a car. But they are tried as adults in New York's Criminal Justice System. This makes the Empire State and North Carolina the only two states to do so. On today's show we will talk to members of a coalition that is working to keep teens out of the adult justice system. We will also hear from Fordham Professor Keith Cruise, who studies the mental and physical toll of teens who are tried as adults. But first we will talk to the Director and Campaign Manager of the Juvenile Justice Project at the Correctional Association of New York-- Gabrielle Horowitz- Prisco and Angelo Pinto. They are part of a coalition that is trying to raise the age. 

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The AP's Jim O'Connell joined Kris Venezia and Matt Moro to discuss the first three days of the March Madness tournament. They talked about number one seeds, the Atlantic 10 conference, who they have winning the tournament and took questions from callers. 

O'Connell predicts that Villanova will come out on top.

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Qatar is considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world and traditionally one of the most conservative. Yet western culture is beginning to influence younger generations, especially when it comes to news.   Dr. Everette Dennis is helping train the next generation of journalist in the rapidly changing field of cross-platform media. He is Dean and CEO of Northwestern University in Qatar. Dr. Dennis is also former chair of the Communication and Media Management Department at Fordham University’s Graduate School of Business. On this week’s Fordham Conversations we discuss teaching journalism in a conservative country.  We also discuss an NU-Q study on entertainment consumption habits in the Middle East, including the popularity of Hollywood content and its perceived morality – or lack thereof.

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Most of us have heard about the winter blues, but do you know where the saying comes from? Every year, millions of Americans suffer from mild to severe cases of the winter blues, a condition known as seasonal affective disorder, or what’s commonly referred to as SAD. On this week's Fordham Conversations, WFUV's Katie Fisher is joined by Fordham University Professor of Chemistry Joan Roberts who's an expert on SAD. Dr. Robert's talks about the cause of seasonal depression and the powerful impact light has on health.

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Behind every Veteran is their family and an urge to cherish their memory. This week on Fordham Conversation's we are discussing the Veteran's Writing Workshop's new anthology "On The Homefront." The Veteran's Writing Workshop is a program started by David Surface that lets New York Veteran's share their stories. The program is a successful writing workshop, but it also offers a little more. Robin Shannon will be talking to some of the writers of "On The Homefront," Julia Rust, Natalie Edelhouser, and Laura Rossi, as they share their personal stories about having their fathers serve in the US military.


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A recent poll found blindness ranked 4th as the condition most feared by Americans, following AIDS, Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease.  The effects can be especially difficult for New Yorkers who begin to lose their sight as they age.  On this week's Fordham Conversations we hear from Dr. Amy Horowitz with Fordham University’s Graduate School of Social Services. She shares her research on depression and late life vision loss.

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