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Jean Laughton traded her career as a New York City casting director for the life of a rancher in South Dakota.  Now she’s out with the photo exhibit “My Ranching Life” which is on display at Fordham’s Lincoln Center.  Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon sits down with Jean Laughton to discuss her exhibit, being a photographer and why she doesn’t like the term “Cowgirl.”

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In his last two and a half years as leader of the Roman Catholic Church, the popularity of Pope Francis has continued to grow among Catholics and non-Catholics.  The 78-year old embraces social issues like immigration, poverty and the environment. Now he’s bringing his message to the United States.  Fordham Conversations host Robin Shannon discusses the Pope's visit, and his popularity, with Vice President for University Mission and Ministry, Msgr. Joseph Quinn, Fordham Associate Professor Michael Pirson, and Fordham University senior Nicholas Sawicki, who has interned at the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See.  

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What happens when you put a group of Fordham University graduate business students in front of a live audience to share unscripted stories about their lives?  You get “The Storytelling Project.”   Chris Watts, Jonathan Schenker and Alfie Warn talk with Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon about their experience taking part in the project.  Plus, Associate Professor Dr. Travis Russ discusses what it was like to develop this groundbreaking course.



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