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What does it take to be a monster? They hide under the bed, lurk in the shadows, and scare us half to death.But is there more to monsters than just screams and frights?Fordham Conversations Host Chris Williams sits down with Fordham University Professors Rebecca June and Paul Levinson to talk about medieval monsters, real life monsters, and more.
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Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon sits down with Fordham University Professor of Art History Dr. Barbara Mundy to discuss the work of painter Frida Kahlo and the significance of Mexican art.  Also Producer Blake Christy takes listeners on a tour of the New York Botanical Gardens exhibition, "Frida Kahlo: Art. Garden. Life."

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Fordham Conversations host Robin Shannon sits down with members of The Faux-Real Theatre Company.  They are performing "Lysitrata" at The Nuyorican Poets Café. It’s a comedy on how the women of early Greece used the battle of the sexes to end a war.

Some members of The Faux-Real Theatre Company include: Mark Greenfield, Director and Fordham Professor. Tony Naumovski, Musical Director and performers Joy Kelly and Emma Orme.

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Berto Colon’s been on TV shows like “The Good Wife,” “Nurse Jackie,” “Madame Secretary,” and “HBO’s “Two Night Stand.”  But arguably his most popular role is the character of Cesar on The award-winning Netflix series “Orange Is The New Black. Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon sits down with the Actor and Fordham Alumni to discuss his character on the show, how he became an actor, and one of his biggest regrets.

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Host Alen Kanlic showcases some of Fordham Conversations best features and interviews.  Will Germain talks with military veterans about their experience returning to school after serving overseas.  Mary Wilson reports on Fordham Law students who  kept audio diaries about their fact finding mission in Nepal.  Robin Shannon sat down with Katy Raymond who was part of Fordham University’s first study abroad program in South Africa.  Vivadiana Castelan interviewed kids who are training to be reporters. She also talks with New Yorkers who make careers out of can collecting.

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