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Elder abuse is a crime that can go unnoticed if unchecked. It affects one of the most vulnerable populations, by making seniors victims of financial, physical, and often sexual abuse. Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon puts a spotlight on elder abuse, and steps that can be taken to deter it.

We first travel to a Citymeals-on-Wheels elder abuse awareness training. Volunteers are being trained to recognize signs of abuse, what questions to ask, and what to do if abuse is suspected.

Dr. Patricia Brownell discusses the abuse older women suffer internationally. Dr. Tina Maschi, an associate professor at Fordham’s Graduate School of Social Service discusses similar abuse in prisons.  Maschi is also Executive Director of the "Be the Evidence Project." 


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Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon sits down with Fordham University’s Patrick Verel to talk about his new book “Graffiti Murals: Exploring the Impacts of Street Art.”  In it, he takes us on a journey to discover how some graffiti murals are created and what role they play in cities like, New York, Trenton, and Jersey City.  We also explore the complex relationship between street artists, property owners and city politics.

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The Eternal Space is a two-man play that tells the story of an unlikely friendship that develops during the demolition of the old New York Penn Station during the mid-1960s. Fordham Conversations Host

Robin Shannon sits down with Playwright & Producer Justin Rivers and Producer Dennis McCarthy.

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Someone once said that no man fights the same war as another. If that’s true, than the Veterans Writing Workshop is a way for those who have been through battle to express themselves and share their experiences. Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with Veterans Writing Workshop Founder, David Surface. We also hear from Vietnam Veteran Rod Carlson and Korean War Veteran Vincent Speranza. Both share their war experiences in the anthology “Afterword’s: from War and Home." 

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