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With each generation of veterans, comes different needs and challenges for the organizations created to assist them.  

Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks Dan McSweeny, President of the United War Veterans Council. He discusses what his organization is doing to help veterans readjust to civilian life.   Dan McSweeny is also a Fordham University Alumni.

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The word "neuroscience" might make you think of science fiction, but recent developments in the field are making changes in the legal world. New developments in the science bring up questions about the human brain, addiction and even free will.

 Fordham Conversations Host Patrick Russomanno talks with Fordham Law Professor Deborah Denno about how recent developments in neuroscience are affecting America’s legal system.  She explores the role neuroscience plays in legal cases and current events, as well as the role it might play in the future.

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A recent poll found blindness ranked 4th as the condition most feared by Americans, following Aids, Cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.  This condition can be especially difficult for New Yorkers who begin to lose their sight as they age.  Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with Dr. Amy Horowitz with Fordham’s Graduate School of Social Services. She shares her research on depression and late life vision loss.

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