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Often we hear that beauty comes from within, but it turns out
the way you look can affect how other people react to you, for
better and for worse.

Fordham Conversations Host Chris Williams talks with the author of Beauty Pays: Why Attractive People Are More Successful. Daniel Hamermesh dissects how attractive people fare better economically.

Then, Fordham professors Laura Gonzalez and Yuliya Komarova
talk about their research with online social lending and why
being more attractive could hurt when it comes to securing a

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Transgender people face numerous health disparities when it comes to quality healthcare.

Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with Celia Fisher, director of the Center for Ethics Education at Fordham University. 

Fisher discusses the discrimination and special health needs in the Transgender community.  

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After hours of interviews and soul-searching questions, over a dozen courageous people were able to share their stories of overcoming homelessness and other trauma for the book "Sacred Shelter: Thirteen Journeys of Homelessness and Healing." Robin Shannon, host of Fordham Conversations, was joined by three women who helped make this book happen. Deborah Canty and Sophia Worrell were once homeless in New York. They survived sexual abuse and domestic violence, and went on to graduate from a life-skills program and now use their stories to inspire others. Susan Greenfield, Ph.D., professor of English at Fordham University, served as the book's editor. 

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