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Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with members of The Curran Catholic School Leadership Academy. Its goal is to prepare students from Fordham University, and other colleges, for the realities of leading a Catholic school

Dr. Noelle Beale is Regional Superintendent for the Catholic Schools of Central Westchester. Gina-Marie Fonte is a Principal in the Archdiocese Of New York and a Curran Fellowship Graduate. Finally, Amy Rodriguez is principal at Immaculate Conception School and currently a Curran Fellow.

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Fordham Conversation’s host Robin Shannon sits down with Nicholas Tampio, Associated professor of Political science at Fordham University.  He says it’s time to ditch the standardized tests used for college admissions.  Tampio also offers other ideas to measure learning.

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Fordham Conversations host Kyle McKee talks television
with acclaimed critic Matt Zoller Seitz, the co-author of TV:
(The Book) 2 Experts Pick the Greatest American Shows of
All Time.

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Fordham Conversation Host Robin Shannon talks with NYPD Chief of Department Terence Monahan.

The Fordham Alumni discusses the NYPD's goals for 2019 and other challenges facing the largest police department in the country.

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The economic vitality that is visible at The Brooklyn Navy Yard today is a far cry from the way it once looked. For almost two centuries it was a shipbuilding facility. After being decommissioned in the 1960s, it became an industrial park. Now The Brooklyn Navy Yard is a mixed use complex that’s home to a growing number of eateries, Tech companies, film production studios and other business. Its also the focus of a new documentary.

Fordham Conversations host Robin Shannon talks with Mark Street, Program Director of the Visual Arts Program at Fordham University. His documentary “Morning, Noon, Night; Water, Land and Sky,” is an abstract exploration of the resurrection of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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