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Gabelli School of Business graduate students let the audience in on some of their real-life stories as part of Associate Professor Travis Russ’ The Storytelling Project class.

Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon is joined by Russ and his students Chris Watts, Jonathan Schenker and Alfie Warn.  They share the stories that helped them to improve and build upon their communication and persuasion skills, and discovered their unique voices.

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Fordham Conversations host Robin Shannon discusses censorship, digital privacy, freedom of speech and cultural preservation with NU-Q dean and CEO Everette Dennis.  These topics are among some of the subjects examined in the sixth annual NU-Q’s Middle East Media Use Survey.

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Fordham Conversations Host Robin Shannon talks with Producer and Fordham Alumni Vivienne Perry. Her documentary The Changin Times of Ike White follows the life of a musical prodigy whose story takes a number of dramatic twists.

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Fordham Conversations host Robin Shannon sits down with Bob Abate who collects the oral history of combat soldiers who have served in World War II. 

The Fordham University Alumni, Veteran and Yonkers resident shares his experience gathering the unique and remarkable stories of these soldier whose numbers are dwindling quickly.

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