Fordham Conversations
Tapping into the Fordham University community to discuss and uncover issues that impact our world locally and beyond.

Over the last several months, Fordham Conversations has stayed strong during the COVID-19 pandemic. Every week, we catch up with guests remotely and shed light on the Fordham Community. We uncover on the ongoing efforts on campus to grapple with issues that impact our world.

This week, we relive two special guests: Fordham Professor of Political Science and Director of the Master’s Program in Elections and Campaign Management, Monika McDermott and Fordham Interim Director of Athletics Ed Kull. Joining Fordham Conversations host Emmanuel Berbari, McDermott details how the pandemic has thrown a wrench into an election year and discusses the integrity of absentee voting, while Kull reacts to the suspension of Fall sports at Fordham—with recent news coming out of the Patriot League and Atlantic 10. They both join host Emmanuel Berbari.

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