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There's an ongoing wave of anti-Asian violence and harassment spreading across the U.S. There have been incidents where Asians in America, especially women and the elderly, are being spat on, knocked down, robbed, slashed across the face and worse. This is causing fear in these communities, economic challenges for the businesses, And confusion and anger over why these incidents aren't getting coverage from mainstream news outlets.

This is Fordham Conversations "We The People." Where we delve into the intricate issues surrounding racial and ethnic minorities including the injustices, challenges and progresses being made in these communities.

I'm Robin Shannon. Today i'm joined by Tiffany Yip. The Professor of Psychology and Department Chairperson at Fordham University.

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Coming off a bitterly divided impeachment process and acquittal of former President Trump, Fordham Philosophy Professor John Davenport rejoins Fordham Conversations host Emmanuel Berbari to react to the historic trial and discuss potential reforms that would preserve the integrity of the process.

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