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This Labor Day weekend, we look at an event that was a catalyst for both labor organizing and factory safety improvements, and the worst workplace disaster until September 11, 2001: The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911.
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What inspires you to travel? Fun, adventure, maybe a desire to learn something about someplace different? This week on the show, we look at what it takes to do research in exotic locales, with Fordham biologist Alan Clark--he's just returned from the Costa Rican rainforest.
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When we think of the internet, our vision is often of something of an e-utopia of personal freedom, albeit one marred by annoying pop-up ads. But is the internet actually making us less free, at least from our past indiscretions? 
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Maybe in the last few years, you've noticed more Mexican restaurants around and tortillas for sale in the supermarket, or seen people playing a different kind of music in the subway...They're all part of the explosion in New York's Mexican population that's been occurring in the last two decades. We talk with CUNY's David Badillo about this newer wave of immigration and how Mexicans are making New York theirs.
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Dispatches from foreign lands: We talk with reporter and author Bryan Mealer about his time in Congo--His book "All Things Must Fight To Live: Stories of War and Deliverance in Congo" is out from Bloomsbury--and we hear from filmmakers Doug Carr and Eddie Boyce. They traveled with Fordham Law School’s Crowley Scholars on their 2007 mission to Malawi to study the effects of AIDS on women there...and they reported back with the 2007 film "The Face of AIDS".
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